Investors analyze and identify qualified startups with live capital demand

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Focus on what matters: Your core business.
We will find exactly the right investors or startups for you.

Your Funding Guidance
No more scrambling. The Capmatcher questionnaire guides you through the most important investor questions – step by step.
Free Exposé
We will create a Capmatcher.Exposé of your startup – just for you. Use it as an intro or sparring partner for your startup presentation!
Startup Listing
After our successful two-step review process, we permanently list you in our database. Investors can find you there.
Smart Categorization
We manually add you to appropriate investor categories – e.g. Vertical, Stage, Stake and Investor Type. This increases your chances of being selected considerably.
100,000+ Investors
More than 100,000 investors worldwide. Let the relevant investors find you – or become active at short notice with optional premium packages.
Important: Your project remains protected! Initially, Investors will only see your startup data anonymously. Only after a match, your project will be revealed to an investor.
Investors remain anonymous on Capmatcher. Only if a startup is of interest for you, you will get introduced to each other.
Qualified Startups
In a two-step review process, we check all startups manually based on around 50 quality criteria.
Smart Categorization
All startups can be filtered and are categorized according to common investor criteria – e.g. Vertical, Stage, legal structure, team capital requirements and more.
Save Resources
About 80% of all startup requests are not suitable or find the wrong investor. We deliver you the interesting 20%.
All Stages
Whether Pre-seed, Seed or mature Series A stages: Capmatcher delivers potential startup leads for all types of investors from Business Angels to corporate venture capitalists.
Active Support
92% of all Capmatcher startups are open to active support from the investor. Connect with founders who appreciate your help.

Where does Capmatcher acquire startups?

Capmatcher has been expanding internationally since January 2019 and acquires startups from the largest and most ambitious startup hubs worldwide. One account – complete access to all targeted countries.

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